Carter Knives Warranty

Simply stated, I stand behind the knives that I make. I test my knives and get feedback from those who use my knives and I am confident that they will provide excellent  performance when they are used in a responsible manner and provided with reasonable care.

ANY knife can be broken if used for purposes other than normal knife uses. Unless specifically stated otherwise in the description of a knife, my knives are not intended to be used as pry bars or to chop through concrete blocks and such use will not be considered normal responsible use and will not be covered under warranty. "Destruction testing" voids any and all warranty.

Under normal use, I warranty my knives for life. If your knife ever fails under normal use, return it to me for free repair. If I cannot repair it, I will offer a free replacement with a knife of the same model or a comparable knife of the same value.

My warranty does not cover normal wear and tear since any knife blade will eventually wear down over time if it is used and sharpened a lot.  I will resharpen any of my knives for free if you pay the postage both ways.

Some natural handle materials such as horn, bone and ivory may exhibit naturally occurring cracks and discoloration. These are not considered flaws and are inherent to the materials and as such are not covered under warranty.  Replacement material may be available but due to the unique characteristics of natural materials, I may not be able to provide replacements that exactly match the pattern and/or color of the original.

Mike Carter

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