Shipping and Returns

 I can ship via United States Postal Service, United Parcel Service, and Federal Express. Domestic (United States) shipping prices will normally be stated within the descriptions of the knives for sale.

United States Sales: Shipping is calculated at the time of the sale. FREE SHIPPING to Continental U.S. is included with many of my knife sales. Shipping for jewelry is $4.00 U.S. for a single item or $6.00 U.S. for 2 or more items.

For International orders and special shipping such as overnight shipping, please contact Carter Crafts by email or telephone to make shipping arrangements. Shipping costs for items shipped outside of the United States must be calculated individually.

IMPORTANT: We have had problems shipping knives to some countries outside of the United States of America, particularly with Canada and Germany. Please check your local and national laws regarding shipping knives into your country.

It is the BUYERS responsibility to make sure that knives can be shipped into your country, state and/or locality and the BUYER ASSUMES ALL RISKS AND LIABILITY IF THE ITEM(S) ARE CONFISCATED BY CUSTOMS OFFICIALS OR LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS.

Carter Crafts will ship knives based on YOUR ORDER but assumes NO responsibility or liability for delivery. In some cases, the United States Postal Service and United Parcel Service will not even accept shipments containing knives that are destined for certain countries. Again, it is the BUYERS responsibility to check your local laws.

I WILL NOT falsify customs forms or declare items at a lower value or "gift" to avoid customs charges.


Returns should be shipped in a box, insured, with delivery confirmation.

IMPORTANT: Please contact me before shipping to make sure someone will be here to receive your package (I am sometimes out of town for several days at knife shows ). 

I do not recommend using envelopes for shipping as I have heard of several instances where an empty envelope was received.


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