The Last  Camillus New York Blades

At the end of February 2007, Camillus Cutlery (Camillus, NY), one of America’s great Cutlery Companies, closed its doors for the last time. The knife manufacturer, in business since 1876, was known for its pocket knives, but also made Boy Scout utility knives, Western knives, and military/tactical fighting knives. Many of the workers at the facility were long-time employees, and some were third or fourth generation employees.

Camillus also made knives for Remington, Western, Marbles, and many other brands.


These blades were purchased at the liquidation auction in September 2007. I purchased them as unfinished, unground blanks. These "blanks" had already been profiled and heat treated but had not yet made it to the grinding line when the factory closed down.




I ground them by hand, made handles, made sheaths and finished them for sale. These are the LAST Camillus blades to leave the original Camillus, New York factory EVER! Following the closure of Schrade and several others, this was the last of the great New York knife manufacturers.

Another era passes into history.

Camillus Campers

I bought a few of these blade blanks from the Camillus factory liquidation sale in 2007.

They had no markings and I cannot find them in the old Camillus catalogs so I call them "campers" as they would make nice little camp knives to have in your kit.  They are carbon steel but I do not know exactly what steel. I ground the blades, heat treated them like tool steel, and finished them.

Blade: Full tang,3 1/2 inch long, 1 1/4 inch wide, 1/8 in thick carbon steel. Hollow ground, 400-600 grit finish.
Overall Length: 7 1/2 inches
Weight: Average 4.8 oz. with sheath.

Item # CMC-3 - SOLD

Black walnut handle with Mosaic Pins. Darkened blade. Leather molded pouch sheath. $75 US SOLD



Item # CMC-4 - SOLD

Black Walnut handle with Mosaic Pins. Molded leather pouch sheath. $75 US - SOLD


Item # CMC-5 - SOLD

Zebrawood handle with Mosaic Pins. Molded leather pouch sheath. $75 US - SOLD


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