This is another project for my friend and #1 collector of Carter Knives. The design is a cross breed, Soviet Spetsnaz/Saro Expeditiionary survival knife

except we are putting it on steroids.

The customer sent his initial sketch of what he wanted

As usual, I drew it up full size on the computer and we made a few changes.

This is going to be another monster measuring 19" long, 3" wide and 3/8" thick! I print out a couple of full size prints to use as guides and templates and pick out a 5 pound piece of 3/8" x 3" 440C stainless steel.

And I start cutting

After cutting, profiling and surface grinding. Almost ready to heat treat.

The Finished product

I normally shoot photos during a project like this. However, I decided to make a video of the entire process. Filming a few minutes of each step, I ended up with 6 1/2 hours of raw video. I edited the video down to about 40 minutes in 3 parts so if you want to see what really goes into making a knife like this, watch it from start to finish.




Thanks for looking.


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