Two Moons

This is a knife I made for my brother in law who is part Native American. I did not try to make authentic Indian knife, rather I wanted to make something very personal for him.

Here is the story behind the knife: In my hometown where I grew up, the original "Tumbleweed" restaurant was in my neighborhood. If you haven't heard of Tumbleweed, they are now a regional chain of Tex-Mex restaurants and they are decorated with western art. Anyway, the original restaurant closed last year after 20 years at that location when they moved it to a new location on the riverfront. On the last night the place was open, they held a silent auction for the artwork and memorabilia. I bought a large portrait of Chief Two Moons that had always hung in the main dining room and gave it to my brother in law as a gift.

Some time later, I was taking pictures at a Powwow and shot several pictures of him dancing with his granddaughter. I had one that he really liked of him and the granddaughter walking off hand-in-hand.

I am learning to scrimshaw so I decided to make a knife with a buffalo horn handle and try to reverse scrim the two pictures described above onto the handle. I also did a little file work along the back of the blade in a arrowhead design.

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