This is the big fighter Bowie. It will be a more complex build with stainless steel bolsters and guard.

I cut and mill the guard from stainless steel stock.

Next I cut the stainless steel inlay and mill a matching inlay in the Micarta handle.

A quick mock-up to see how things will look before I make the bolsters.

Now I cut the stainless steel for the bolsters and the stainless pins.

The bolsters are soldered into place. They will also be secured by peening the stainless steel pins.

I cut all all of the other pins. This one will have four 1/4" mosaic pins, twelve 1/4"stainless steel handle pins and two 1/8" stainless steel pins to attach the inlay.

The handle is attached with the four mosaic pins and I start shaping the handle and bolsters. There is a 1/4" thong hole in the middle of the bolsters.

Fitting the steel end caps on all three knives.

The handle is nearly finished with rounding the stainless pins.

After final sanding and polishing.


And the big boy is ready to ship.

My thanks to Mark for choosing me to make this custom set of knives for him.

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