Necklace & Earrings Matched Sets


Each piece is unique and one of a kind.
Sets are matched pieces cut from the same piece of gemstone or mammoth ivory tusk.

All Sets include gift box.

$4.00 Flat Rate Shipping to Anywhere in Continental U.S. for any single item.
$6.00 Flat Rate Shipping to Anywhere in Continental U.S. for multiple items regardless of how many.

SHIPPING NOTICE: The wooly mammoth obviously is not an endangered species as they have been extinct for at least 4000 years. There are NO restrictions in trade regarding mammoth tusk ivory. However, because it is ivory, even though it is legal ivory, it is often mistaken for restricted elephant or walrus ivory or otherwise seized by authorities who do not recognize the difference or tend to make up rules as they go. Because of this and the additional forms, licenses and paperwork required by different countries, I WILL NOT ship any mammoth ivory outside continental United States.

Item # GS-376

Reconstituted Jade Earring & Necklace Set

Earrings 1 3/8" long. Pendant 1 1/4" long on 20" chain.

$40 US - SOLD

Item # GS-377

Reconstituted White Turquoise Earring & Necklace Set

Earrings 7/8" long. Pendant 1 3/8" long on 20" chain.

$40 US - SOLD


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