Richard's Grizz Jr. Bowie

This is another variation of my "Grizz" and smaller "Grizz Jr." Bowie knives. This one has a 9" blade of 1/4" thick mirror polished 440C stainless steel. The customer, Richard, wanted some gnarly Sambar stag handles attached to the full tang with six stainless steel pins. I finished the knife with a polished stainless steel guard and end cap.

I cut and ground the blade and began polishing it. I then made the stainless steel guard, began shaping it and silver soldered it to the blade.

Here, I selected a nice pair of India Sambar stag handle scales and cut a piece of stainless steel that will be the end cap.

I did a little test fitting to check the balance and get an idea of what the knife is going to look like.

Next, I drilled and fitted the stag handle scales with six stainless steel pins. I also drilled and tapped threads into the end cap to attach it to the tang. Here you can see the assembled handle before everything was trimmed and shaped to the handle.  You can also see the filework I did along the handle spine.

I trimmed the handle pins and contoured them to the stag handle scales. I trimmed the guard and shaped the end cap. This was followed by a LOT more buffing and polishing to get a really great mirror polish on the blade.

Finished! This is another big one but it has a really nice feel and balance.

Richard wanted a special sheath personalized with his initials and a pocket for a sharpening stone. Here is the final package.

Another good project for a great customer delivered. I received a call from Richard to tell me that he is very happy with his new knife and that makes me very happy. Thanks Richard!


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