M Carter Photography

Photography / Videography

I have been a photographer for over 30 years, transitioning from 35mm photography to high resolution digital photography. I offer my photographic services for almost everything except weddings. I specialize in on-location portraiture and event photography.

I have also created a niche in knife photography for knifemakers and collectors who need high quality photos of knives for advertising, promotion or archives.

I use professional level equipment including high resolution digital cameras, top quality lenses and filters, and studio strobe lighting. For product photography such as knives, I built a custom light table that allows me to precisely control lighting, shading and reflections. I maintain a wide variety of backdrops and props to enhance the photographs.

I am an expert with Adobe Photoshop which allows me to enhance photographs, create composite photos and other graphic art services. I also create advertising for the Knifemakers Guild, Hibben Knives and others.

In addition I offer professional video production services including production using the latest technology of three-chip digital video cameras and editing services.


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