Links to my Knifemaker Friends and Other Sites of Interest.


Hibben Knives. Custom handmade knives by my mentor and one the world's best knifemakers.

Fendley Hadmade Custom Knives. Beautiful and functional hunting knives by Cliff Fendley of LaGrange, KY. Contact

Rick "HutcH" Hutchings, scrimshaw artist. Scrimshaw art on knives, cigar cutters, jewelry and freestanding pieces.
Website:     Contact: 

Willy B. Ellis custom knives, carving and engraving.

Kentucky Cutlery Association. 

Knifemakers Guild.

National Knife Collectors Association.

Culpepper & Co. - Suppliers of knife handle materials and knifemaking supplies.


Richard Luce Western Art. Hand painted original art and prints featuring the American West and American Indians.

National Congress of Old West Shootists (NCOWS).

Johnson County Rangers (NCOWS Posse).


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