Kong II

A customer recently ordered a huge 21" Bowie knife that he named "King Kong". A short time later he decided to add a companion Arkansas toothpick to be called "Kong II" This will also be a huge knife in many ways matching the original "King Kong". This toothpick dagger will also be 21" long and cut from 3" wide x 3/8" thick 440C stainless steel.

As usual, I start by drawing up some sketches so I can bounce ideas back and forth with the customer. We decided to to go with this:

"Kong II" will have a brass guard, brass end cap, 6 brass handle pins and white giraffe bone handles like it's brother "King Kong".

I start with a full sized paper print of my blade sketch and use that as a template to cut the 400C stainless steel from bar stock.

This is going to be another big one!

Both unfinished, here is "Kong II" beside it's partially finished brother "King Kong".

The rough grind. This is the coarse grind before heat treating.

After working on the grind a little more I decided to go ahead and polish the flats of the blade. I will then finish the grind which will sharpen up the grind lines that might be softened from the buffing.

Here is a mock-up with the brass guard rough cut. I still have some more polishing and grinding to do. It is shown here with some camel bone handle scales but I think we will instead use some white giraffe bone.

Here is the knife with the brass guard soldered in place. I will taper the ends after the handles are attached.

Well, this one sat on the shelf for a long time while I searched for some nice giraffe bone or camel bone scales large enough for this handle. Who would have thought white bone handles would be so hard to find? There are plenty available dyed in a variety of colors but no white.

I finally found some nice scales and got back to work on Kong II. Here, the bone handles are attached with brass pins, the guard has been tapered and now I am starting to make the butt cap. Since the blade has been mirror polished, I covered with plastic just to protect it from scratches while I finish the knife.

Finally finished! The customer wanted a sheath with a stingray inlay. I actually used two stingray hides because I wanted two of the white "stars" and there is one one per stingray hide.

This is another monster blade and a good companion to the original "King Kong" Bowie Knife.

My thanks to Ken for another great project.

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