Handmade Knives by Mike Carter

"What I will leave behind are my knives, my friends and my customers. My goal is for all to speak well of me."


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A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet world famous master knifemaker Gil Hibben and take one of his knifemaking classes. Since then, Gil and I have become close friends and there is no way to describe how much I have learned from him over the last several years.

My custom handmade knives are entirely made, assembled and finished by hand. I start with top quality steel, usually 440C high carbon stainless steel or Alabama Damascus steel forged by Brad Vice, and grind the blades freehand on a belt grinder. Blades are heat treated and tempered to achieve optimum strength, durability and  performance.

I make the guards and pommels from bar stock of brass, stainless steel or nickel silver.

My knife handles are made from fine and exotic hardwoods and other synthetic and natural materials such as Wooly Mammoth Ivory. I finish most of my knives by polishing the blades to a mirror finish. I also make my leather sheaths entirely by hand.

I occasionally make customized knives from high quality pre-ground blades that I buy. In those cases it will be clearly disclosed if I did not grind the blade. Unless it is stated otherwise, it is safe to assume that I am the sole author of the product.

Most of my knives are unique one-of-a-kind knives as I seldom work from templates or set designs. I do make knives to order. You can purchase knives that I have for sale from my Online Store. For custom orders, delivery time may take up to several months depending on my schedule and workload at the time of the order.


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