What my customers are saying about Carter Knives


Mike, I picked up the knives today at noon at the Post Office, could not wait, open the box up at the counter, to say the least I was impressed, but much more the Postmaster checked them out and he was really dumdfounded. He could not believe that there really was people that did that kind of work of all places, the U.S.  They are beautiful and can't wait to use mine !  Again, I am so very pleased with your work and craftsmanship and I am very proud of these knives and I am sure that when my nephew gets his he will be also. Thanks so much !
Jonathan D (Pair of custom Bird & Trout knives)

Mike, You have made my year, the work you have done is beyond words I can come up with! The Impala is a beautifully made little knife. It's perfect! An outstanding effort of craftsmanship. The re-handle on the Bowie is stunning as well. Absolutely flawless. I can't wait to get all four of the knives you have made for me together as a combined set with the same butterscotch handle material. As for the Clay Bowie, wow...You are the master!  What you did with the high polish on hollow grinds, texturing on the flats with the satin sanding is stellar.  I love the width and depth of the handle, it fits my hand perfectly.  It truly is a handful of fighting knife!  What you did with the blade catcher on the spine is really wicked. I'm also glad you re-designed the d-guard, plenty of room with a gloved hand yet not too deep.  The brown/black micarta and bird's eye pins are more beautiful than a photo could ever show. The balance of the knife is spot on! I have to admit it will be hard for me to concentrate on my work and not head off to a saddle maker locally here and get leather to make a sheath so I could carry this everywhere!

My friend, you have pulled off an outstanding work of art from a bizarre sketch I sent into you. It's a stretch from the original Cassius Marcellus Clay invention but with a single piece of magnificent steel I could not be more pleased! As always my utmost gratitude for everything you do and I'm proud to have you as my friend!  With every knife I own your skills are unmatched by any other! Thank you does not even begin to cover how excited I am to get these knives in my hands.
Mark H


I absolutely love the knife. It's incredible. Strong and beautiful. I cant  believe it. I have four sons and would like each of them to have one of your knives.

Hey Mike! Just received the Honey Jasper neck knife today. I can truly say "It is a honey !". The little honey put a smile on my face today. Nice knife and a neat transaction. You can't beat that. Thank You!

Just received another beautifully made Damascus knife. This gem will be a perfect addition side knife for my Damascus Bowie. Thank you Mike!
Mark H

My custom Cowboy Elk Dagger arrived today and it's an excellent addition to my Carter Knives collection and perfect as a side knife for your original Grizz which I recently scored. Thank you Mike!
Mark H.

Hi Mr. Carter!!!
I received my knife and sheath today! Wow! It's ever prettier in person! Your craftsmanship is very beautiful! I LOVE it!   LOVE IT!.....it's the perfect size for me, the handle colors (really, really pretty!), the file work, and the Damascus blade, even the rivets are pretty!---just seems like a work of art and not a "usable" tool. How do guys cut into dead animals with such beautiful works of art?! LOL! My husband is jealous haha! He better stay away from MY knife!  
Thanks again! I will definitely tell my friends where to go for a great knife! 


I just received my cowboy dagger today and I am impressed! The workmanship is top notch. The filework is extremely well done, I had heard of filework before, but this is the first time I have seen it in person. Again thanks.

Mike your Grizz Bowie has now found it's final home. What a fantastic build, beautiful in every way. I'm super proud to add Grizz to my Carter Knives collection!

Walkyrie is an outstanding example of a HEAVY use knife that stands up to every task I have put it through, I'm yet to touch up the edge. Stellar efforts on this build Mike. Thank You!

Mike, The knife came today. It's a beauty. It's going to be great as an EDC because I know that it'll do any job that I have for it. I have several hand mades (A2, D2, M2, guess that I'm hung up on the "twos"  but this one takes the cake!  Anyway, thanks, I love it. And the handle is really beautiful. Great sheath too!

My Walkyrie Survival Chopper is an exceptionally well made, highly functional, superb example of American craftsmanship. This knife will stand up to any and all punishment I can hand to it and will still remain razor sharp. Mike my friend, my utmost thanks for all of your efforts with the blade and the scabbard!!

Mike: The zebrawood camper arrived Monday. It is a very nice knife. The blade is pretty much like a Nessmuk, isn't it?  I am carrying it where/when possible. You do nice work! In time, I might be in the market for a mammoth ivory knife with one of your blades. I have enjoyed your website very much. 

The Amboyna Bowie is another superb example of American craftsmanship! A beautifully made Bowie knife and a wonderful addition to my Carter Knives collection.  My utmost thanks again Mike! 
Mark H.

Deguello, A beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Everyone who looks at this feedback forum should contact Mike for custom knife needs. Mike, my utmost gratitude for your efforts. I am truly in awe of yet ANOTHER supreme Bowie! I know Gil Hibben is proud of you! Your friend,
Mark H. Deguello Bowie

Mike, I've had a knife design in my head for a couple of years, then you draft it on paper so I could see it, now I'm holding the finished knife (modifed Grizz) in my hands and I can't believe it. You incorporated all my ideas and I love every feature you built in this knife. The sheath is amazing and I love the way you attached the sharpening steel. Your leather work is truly awesome. The knife is shaving sharp (I'm wasting paper. The knife and sheath are PERFECT! The best thing about the knife is....IT'S MINE! STELLAR JOB!  
Todd (Modified Grizz Bowie)

Mike, The ironwood and mallee integral skinners are just perfect. I love the mallee and the ironwood is gorgeous. Again, I'm amazed at your craftsmanship...you are a talented knifemaker. I know making an integral takes time and waste a lot of material so thank you again for building these for me. And, I can't forget about your workmanship with leather...the sheaths are incredible. A lot of knifemakers don't put the time in their sheaths like you do and it shows. Thanks, Man! 
Todd (Pair of custom integral skinning knives)

Mike, I got the knives today! They are absolutely beautiful! The craftsmanship is remarkable. The bowie is stunning. I love it, and the sheath is beautiful. It really makes me think of the Old West. It is such a work of art. Thank you very much,
Dave  (Custom Damascus Bowie)

The handle on the Sabertooth is outstandingly perfect! An excellent job.
Mark (Re-handle job on a Spivey Sabertooth)

My survival knife prototype Mike made arrived today and it is  supremely well made, functional, heavy duty and came out if the box extremely sharp! Another outstanding knife, thanks Mike!   

I'm spoiled for ever for my first Damascus knife purchase. Your Bowie is a finely crafted piece for collection or the field is excellent. I'm again
as always super pleased! Thank You!!  

I purchased one of your Rhodonite Neck Knives for my wife as a Christmas stocking stuffer, needless she is tickled "pink"! She and I both say many thanks!!   

The purchase of one of your Carter Craft Bush Knives was a great decision. This knife will have a thousand uses in the field, in camp and will stand  up to the duties too. Thank you my friend!        

Thanks for producing such an amazing piece, much better than any photo could describe, basically opened the parcel and went “wow!” Good to be surprised in such a positive way, really couldn’t be more impressed by your craftmanship, something I will have for life and hand down to next generation. Well worth the wait, I will definitely use you for all future projects. Brilliant work! Thanks again. 
Matthew T. (Grizz Bowie)

What a great piece of work! You created the perfect combination of beauty and function with this knife. You were right - the desert Ironwood scales are phenomenally gorgeous. I just love everything about this knife. Thank you very much and I will be proclaiming your skills to every knife person and bushcraft person I know. 
Don C  (Custom Nessmuk)

The Butterscotch Bowie arrived and it's absolutely stellar. Your effort on the entire build is exceptional! A beautiful knife. Thank you very, very much Mike!  
Mark (Custom Butterscotch Trio)

Outstanding work on my Buffalo Horn Nessmuk! Another Carter Crafts knife I'm very proud to own!! Thank You!!

My custom fighter and caping knife are super! The Honey Micarta handles are beautiful, the domed and mosiac pins really set them off! Outstanding craftsmanship as always!! Thank you very much. Sheath pic's to follow...
Mark (Custom Butterscotch Trio)

I received my Clip Point Huntsman and your craftsmanship on the knife and sheath is outstanding. The design and balance tells me this knife will be user friendly. Thanks again for an excellent knife.  

I received my two neck knives today (Rhodonite Necker with Genuine Stingray Sheath & Damascus and Pith Necker). The quality of your craftsmanship is amazing. The photos of the knives on your website are great but the knives are even better in person. VERY NICE!  

WOWWWW! Yes,it was worth the wait!!!!!! I luv it,what Amazing file work,craftsmenship,design,etc,etc! The sheath is fabulous as is the scrimshawed THOR.  Thanks MIKE!
Tom (THOR custom dagger)

My Stiletto Dagger arrived today, and what a beauty! The polishing on the blade and handle is perfect. Nice and sharp with an excellent weight and feel. Great leather work too. Super job Mike!! Thank You.

My Push Dagger came in today and it's a WOW!! Super polish on the blade, the handle and bird's eye pins are great. The hand carved sheath is perfect for a gambler's period style. Superb work Mike, thank you very much!

The Shelley Marie tribute Bowie is truly the United States of America's Excalibur. Nuff said. Many, many thanks Mike!!  Mark (Custom Bowie)

The package arrived and I was like a kid at Christmas! The Custom Huntsman's construction is impeccable. Tight, straight, tough and sharp! Many, many thanks Mike!! I'm extremely pleased. 
Mark (Custom Huntsman)

The package arrived today and I could not be more pleased. The custom neck knife is everything I had expected and more. For the blade being 1/8" thick this has a very weighty feel and super tough construction. The Ironwood handle grain is spectacular to see and even more so when held into the sunlight. Absolutely outstanding! 
Mark (Custom Neck Knife)

Mike, The Desert Ironwood Mini Hunter arrived today and the construction is absolutely outstanding! This is a very indestructible tool with it's 1/4" blade thickness given it's overall length. The African Toad sheath is beautiful as well. Thank you so very much.
Mark  (Mini Hunter)


"Thank You! The knives are awesome and sheath is great! I am very pleased and sad to say that doesn't always happen with the internet. Thanks again"  
Rich (Neck knives)

Thanks so much for your efforts on this knife! I have been showing the knife to all my friends. They are impressed! I have always used a steel to get my edge back, but I noticed that you have a really nice edge on this one…I’m impressed!  
Dave (Custom "Bwana" knife)

Mike, the knife is all I thought it would be. Now the problem is that I can't decide which I like better, Kong II or the original ! But over all this is one absolutely awesome knife!  I know that I have the best pair of giant knives around, anywhere. Thanks one last time for all the diligent effort and hard work to match the handle. The wait was so worth it.   
Ken (Custom "Komg II toothpick)


"Mike that mirror polished monster is absolutely stunning. I was speechless. My favorite knife and I have had several great bowies. Bo Randal knives have nothing on you Mike. That knife would be a bargain at twice the price! To order and work so close with you on the design aspect and the changes we came up with was quite rewarding. I have never had the chance to work with such an accommodating knife maker. Thanks a bunch Mike."    
Ken  (Custom "King Kong" Bowie knife)

"Shazamm"! What a Magnificent Piece of Workmanship! Ole Cheyenne Bodi himself would be proud to carry this one!  ...Gee Mike, You have outdone yourself.....again! Fantastic Leatherwork too!" 
Tom  (Custom "Cheyenne" Bowie knife

"Holy Smoke! I am Thrilled!!!!!!! "Now that's a Knife"! wowowowowow!....That sheath is Awesome pal!..I Like every detail on it and the knife,it has Exceeded all my expectations...and then some!"    
Tom  (Custom "Grizz" Bowie Knife)

"I got my lil' neck knife and I like it very much! Neat!.... "   
Tom (Neck Knife)

"I recieved my knife today. Good job on shipping, well packed and timely delivery. Great quality on the knife, very happy. Thanks." 
Brett   (Elmer Keith Skinner)

"Wow,got it already! Man, what a nice Knife....I really like it a lot!!  Thank You!" 
Tom  (Hunting Knife)

"Very nice piece - Thank You."   
Keith   (Hunting Knife)

"Knife arrived safely yesterday. Many thanks - very pleased."  
Colin  (Nessmuk Knife)

"This is one unique and outrageous hunter!  Huge, warm, super-smooth, absolutely gorgeous, wonderful-in-the-hand Amboyna handle. Wicked sharp. The sheath is hand tooled and a gem in its own. I can imagine many more purchases down the road, based on this piece. Well done, Mike! Really, he could have charged a LOT more."  
 Halbie  (Hunting Knife)

"When my wife saw it, she asked me (demanded me?) to keep it on display. She loves it, as do I. She says it is "beautiful and unapologetically masculine." I'm not sure there's anything much better than that."  
Halbie (Hunting Knife)

"It is the best tool I have ever used to flesh hides I have fleshed almost 1 complete hide and have skinned two buffalo heads. It has very good control and works well with the wrist." 
Chuck (Nessmuk Skinner)

"Great communication.....and one hell of a Bowie. Thanks" 
Jeff  (Custom Bowie)

"The knife is the best present I ever received. Thank you so much for you hard work making it. It is truly a piece of art, and I will cherish it forever." 
Michael (Bone Dagger)

"Well, I got it and as usual, Wow! I have to say it is my favorite (so far)....I love the size and shape of it. The sheath is awesome and that gold coin really goes well and sets it off!...Let me know if you put it on your site too!....One Fine Knife Mike! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "  Tom (Custom "Grizz" Bowie #2)

"Hey Mike!!!  Got the package and WOWWWW,what a Awesome knife and sheath, Fantastic Job my friend! I really like everything about it and the sheath...Perfecto!!!..."
Tom (Custom "Kodiak" Bowie)

"I am completely pleased with the Nessmuk knife I just received and really appreciate the rapid sevice and mailing. I am so impressed with the Buffalo Horn Nessmuk knife that I would like to order two more, one for each of my sons." 
Don (Custom Nessmuk with Buffalo horn handle)

"I just received the knife and am very happy with it!  I'm sure we will do more business in the near future."
Ron (Red Spiney Oyster Necker)

"Mike, I got the knife today. It looks fantastic! You did a great job. I really like the blade design. It's the perfect blade for a hunting knife. I look forward to carrying it on my future hunts. Thanks again."  
Bob (Custom Damascus and buffalo horn hunting knife)

"The knife arrived today--very interesting piece. A nice addition to my collection. Many thanks."
Geoff (Damascus Nessmuk)

"Just got my knife great work small neck knife. I just think your work is fantastic will be back for more."
George (Custom neck knife)

"I received the knife today, it really is amazing. If I could pick a blade to have to survive on this would be it. An awesome piece of metal, absolutely perfect edge, perfect weight distribution. The holder itself is awesome, a fine piece of craftsmanship. It could easily cut through a deer pelvis when required, and the blade design is very versatile. It has a gorgeous handle. Very very slick. Thanks Dad, and thanks Mike!"      
Don Jr. (Custom Nessmuk knife)

I got the knife today and am really pleased.  I think you did a great job, I think it is really pleasing to look at. Also the sheath is beautiful and really complements the knife. Thanks Mike you did a great job.
Dean (custom handle job)


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