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This is a neat project. The knife community forum Knife Dogs put together an idea to make a bunch of knives that would be donated to active duty service men and women. The original idea came from Justin King and lots of others have jumped in donating time, money and materials to make it happen.

An Army instructor who goes by the name of "Murphda2" on the Knife Dog forums came up with the winning design from several that were submitted.

Aldo Bruno, the New Jersey Steel Baron, donated the A2 steel for the blades.

Great Lakes Water Jet donated their services to cut the blanks.

Peters Heat Treating is donating their services to heat treat the blades.

Bill T took on the BIG task of handling all of the logistics, mailing blades and parts to the knifemakers, and generally keeping track of everything. Bill also donated the handle bolts and lanyard tubes for the knives.

USA Knifemaker Supply (who happens to run the forum) donated the Mcam G10 handle scales as well as some cash to offset shipping costs. 

Spec Ops is donating 25 Kydex Combat Master Sheaths and several knifemakers will be making and donating their own sheaths.

Numerous people have donated money for expenses like shipping blades and materials. The knifemakers are shipping at their own expense.

28 knifemakers agreed to grind and build a total of 44 handmade custom knives.

All together, we have received somewhere between $2,500-3,000 in donations of materials, services, and monetary donations thus far (this does not consider the efforts of our builders).

This is an inspiring project and, to a person, everyone feels the time, money and materials that they donated to this project is but a small token of their appreciation what these soldiers do for us.  Since I am one of the knifemakers who will be building a knife. I will post updates here about the knife I make. I urge you to also follow the thread on Knife Dogs to see what everyone else is doing. The knifemakers have free rein to add their own personal style to the knives.

The thread is located at

My Build:

I got my blade blank, ground the blade and sent it off for heat treating.

I got the blade back from Peters Heat Treating . I finished the grinds and then bead blasted the blade. Then attached and shaped the Mcam G10 handles supplied by Midwest Knifemaker Supply with the supplied stainless steel corby bolts and stainless steel laynayrd tube.

To top it all off, we have the fantastic sheath supplied by Spec Ops.

It was an honor to do my small part of this project. I applaud everyone involved and especially the many people who dated their time, money and materials to make this happen. I hope all of the knives provide great service to the soldiers who will receive them.

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