Twin Buffalo Horn Nessmuks

A customer ordered a buffalo handled Nessmuk from my website. This one was mirror polished 440C stainless steel and thick, figured buffalo horn handles with mosaic pins.

After he received it, he liked it so much that he ordered two more custom made for his two sons. Here are the twin Nessies for the sons.

One of the recipients wrote; "I received the knife today, it really is amazing. If I could pick a blade to have to survive on this would be it. An awesome piece of metal, absolutely perfect edge, perfect weight distribution. The holder itself is awesome, a fine piece of craftsmanship. It could easily cut through a deer pelvis when required, and the blade design is very versatile. It has a gorgeous handle. Very very slick. Thanks Dad, and thanks Mike!"       Don Jr.

The Nessmuks have been a popular knife and I have made several with various handles and some variations in shape. If you are not familiar with the Nessmuk knife, it was popularized by author and outdoorsman George Washington "Nessmuk" Sears who provided a brief description and a single illustration of the knife in his writing "Woodcraft and Camping" originally published in "Forest and Stream" magazine in 1920.

The knife has recently regained popularity and it is a very useful and well designed utility knife. I have made them with convex grinds and with hollow grinds.

For more information about Nessmuk and the Nessmuk knife see NESSMUK

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