Damascus and Buffalo Horn Custom Hunter

A customer saw this knife on my website and liked the blade design with the deep finger choil.

He wanted a custom with the same blade design but with a buffalo horn handle. I drew up some ideas for the handle.

We decided to go with the middle option and scrim a ram's head on the handle.

Here is the finished knife with a buffalo hide sheath. The 5 1/4" x 1 3/4" hollow ground blade is 3/16" thick 416 layer Alabama Damascus. The handle is buffalo horn attached with a brass pin and capped with a brass butt cap. The guard is brass and I did the scrimshaw of the rams head. The knife is 10" overall length and weights 9.7 oz.

The long handle is quite comfortable and the deep finger choil allows you to choke up on your grip for finer work.


The sheath is buffalo hide.

Another one done and out the door. Thanks Bob.

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