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Carter Crafts, LLC - Louisville, Kentucky

Former Member - Knifemakers Guild  2003-2014
Member - National Knife Collectors Association
Knifemaker Charter Member - Knife Rights
Member - National Craft Association
Member - National Congress of Old West Shootists

Member - Johnson County Rangers

Carter Crafts are the creations of Mike Carter, a Kentucky craftsman, photographer, and writer.

Due to a life-long interest in arts and crafts and a passion for collecting custom knives, I am now offering my handcrafted wares for sale. I offer a mixture of crafts and services reflecting my interests and expertise.

Carter Crafts is a limited liability company registered in the state of Kentucky, U.S.A.  Carter Knives is a wholly owned subsidiary of Carter Crafts, LLC


My offerings are grouped into five categories as follows:

Contact Information

Inquiries about my handmade knives, crafts and other services can be sent by email to sales@cartercrafts.com

I occasionally show and sell my crafts at various shows throughout the year. View our schedule of events and shows HERE .

Carter Crafts mailing address is:

Mike Carter
2522 Frankfort Ave.
Louisville, KY 40206

Phone 502-387-4844

NOTE: I am not quite a full-time knifemaker and so I am not in my knifemaking shop every day. My shop is not generally open to the public. If you wish to visit my shop please contact me to arrange a time for your visit.

Carter Crafts, LLC is legally registered and licensed limited liability company in Louisville, Kentucky. 

I am also a voting member in good standing with the Knifemaker's Guild. The Guild monitors the business practices of it's members and only accepts those who demonstrate honest business ethics.

About Mike Carter
For a little more information about me and my background, click HERE.

Carter Knives - Custom Handmade Knives and Leather Sheaths

After several years of learning the craft, mostly under the tutelage of world renown master knifemaker Gil Hibben, and developing my own style, I finally felt that my handmade knives had achieved the level of craftsmanship and quality expected by collectors and buyers of fine cutlery and I formally established Carter Crafts LLC in May 2007.

My knives are handmade from the quality materials, heat treated for proper hardness and durability, and polished and finished by hand. I also make my leather knife sheaths completely by hand including hand stitching the leather. In addition I am learning the art of scrimshaw and have applied this unique form of art to several of my knives. My knife handles are often made from fine hardwoods, rare and exotic woods, and other exotic materials such as ancient wooly mammoth ivory.

I am a one-man knife shop without any automated equipment. As such, my production is limited. Please inquire about delivery time estimates for custom orders.

Please visit my Carter Knives pages by clicking HERE.

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Handmade Mammoth Ivory and Exotic Jewelry

When I began using ancient wooly mammoth ivory for knife handles, I found that I often had small pieces left over. These pieces were too small for use in a knife handle but they were too rare, expensive and beautiful to throw away. A friend taught me how to make beautiful jewelry from my ivory remnants. It is a time consuming multi-step process of carefully shaping and hand sanding the ivory with successively finer grits of sandpaper and then buffing it to a high polish.

The result is incredibly rare and beautiful one-of-a-kind real ivory jewelry made from 10,000 year old wooly mammoth tusks. I also use cut-off pieces of reconstituted gemstone and exotic woods from around the world.

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Carter Crafts Mammoth Ivory Jewelry


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